We are a clinic with multiple professionals, how should we proceed?

  1. First, each health professional can download the app on their device, no matter what device they are using. Each new account comes with 30 days of Premium access, so you'll have plenty of time to get everything set up during that period.
  2. Then, the owner, the manager or any other mandated person of the clinic should go to the Phydeo website and 'Request a quote' under the 'Pricing' section.
  3. A few hours later at the most, you'll receive a quote with all necessary information. Basically, you'll provide us with the list of accounts (email addresses) you're paying for, and we'll activate all of them instantly.

One of the cool things about this is that the professionals WON'T need to customize their account with the clinic's logo and colours. We'll just use the same settings as the manager's and apply them to each account.

By the way, if you're paying for 6 licences or more, you'll a have significant reduction on the monthly fee. 


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